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You Don't Have To keep Living with DIABETES for the rest of your Life. Your Body Can Heal Itself Only If You Will Trigger The Miraculous Healing Power Within you. Start With This DIABETWATCH.

Attention Diabetes Solution Seeker

We are giving you 15days Guarantee to be free from Diabetes if you adhere to info on this page

New research developed by Harvard University revealed combination of plants that could help you beat Diabetes and its complication faster than any drugs…

The Doctors in India and Philippine have started using it to treat their patient.

 Would you like to save yourself and loved ones from the complication high blood Sugar?

If you will like to end Diabetes once and for all, live healthy without wasting your hard eared money on drugs and insulin this information is for you.

When I was diagnosed of Diabetics, despite taking my Doctors prescribed medications I was still battling with its complications such as kidney failure, unhealed wounds, Erectile dysfunction, even had blur vision.Thomas

                     Listen To Expert Who Focus On Natural Healing For Diabetes Below

All the prescribed drugs and insulin came with a whole lots of side effects.

                                                         Simple truth about diabetes…

Within your pancreas there are these cells called Beta Cells (β-cells). These are the cells that produce insulin.

Normally, these cells produce insulin continuously, raising their output in response to the increase in blood sugar that occurs after you eat.

As mentioned above, when we ingest all the poisonous foods which cause the blood to turn acidic, these Beta Cells are unable to do their job correctly.

Obviously, with heavy demand on your Beta Cells from the acid in your system, your pancreas cannot function properly... In other words, when the acidity is in the pancreas — diabetes is the result.

There Is A Solution Now!

This Natural Supplement will Clean Your Body From Inside, Allowing Your Body To Get Rid Of Toxins That Are Taxing Your Cells, To Enable Them To Start Functioning Proper Again. 

The main gist is that it’s not your fault to be diabetic.

It may be inherited, high consumption of starchy food in Nigeria also put lots of pressure on your pile thereby reducing  the production of insulin.

Introducing The Clinically Trial   Natural Solution To Diabetes in this Century

This solution contain natural plants such as, Turmeric, Acacia Trigonella, , Azadirachta Indica, Sodium Benzoate, Ampalaya,Gymnema, Banaba Leaves...produced in an hygienic manner that help your pancreases to produce enough insulin that regulates  your blood sugar level. Also regulates your blood pressure.

I could fill up this page with transformation pictures and unsolicited testimonials of people like you, this amazing breakthrough Natural Diabetwatch Therapy has helped. But it might still not enough for you so I am giving you...

How Does These Natural Diabetwatch Therapy Supplement Work?

It Does what most recommended Drug can not do.

Instead of helping your body with insulin, the supplement supply your body with nutrients it needs so that the cells of your body that produce the insulin are healed thereby eliminating the ROOT cause of your Diabetes.

As a result , your body is able to naturally produce insulin and your blood sugar is regulated,

The different supplements in DIABETWATCH work together to get your body back into its natural state of vibrant health and they do this by;

Fighting  Diabetes and its complications

Sugar taste reduction which helps in suppressing cravings for sweets

Makes the body fit by building up a good balance between body fat and lean muscle mass

Helps Lower cholesterol

Promotes Sexual performance & Overall Health

Many Researches have proven that Turmeric (Yellow Ginger) and Ampalay in our Diabetwash  helps to improve and stabilize blood glucose level and it's therefore very useful in treating people with diabetes.

It also also helps in balancing the immune system and provides fast healing of leg wounds and ulcers which are also complications of Diabetes. 

 It is enriched with olive oil (omega-9 fatty acid) to stabilize omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E to ensure the fatty acid will not be oxidized.

Vitamin E is an important component of Diabetewatch because helps better absorption of this supplement.

This unique blend of supplements helps with development and health of the eyes and brain, thereby preventing stroke.  

It contains Lactoferyn, which is a protein known for it's immunity boosting properties. Also found in the Diabetewatch are Vitamine D, c, Zine And Magnesium, which help to restore some of the natural nutrients lost through excessive urination by Diabetes.  

One of the ingredients is natural Gymnema and Banaba leave has been traced back for thousands of years that including helps to promote healthy immune system, helps fight free radicals. Big help when has inflammation, circulation of blood, stomach, blood pressure, colon problem in the body. Diabete Guard has no side effects.

It took several years of research to came up with this product.

This pioneering remedy is the outcome of countless studies conducted over 10 years by teams of internationally-respected scientists and diabetes' specialists, including Prof. John Mash of Corneil University, NYC.

The supplement is so easy to use odorless,  bitterless   Just  one Capsule with water twice daily for 14days and you will send us your testimony.

Imagine today, against all medical drugs diabetes is killing young and old in Nigeria.

While people are running around for their earned money, looking for  solution to their diabetes.

what they don’t know is that big pharmacy and doctors are putting together plan to makes you keep buying from them ,prescribing you drugs with side effects.  

But not you anymore, because you are here today, you know all their trick.so you are protected. your family and friends are protected.

When others start developing more complications you will be at peace, you will say ,”I told you so!

But it won’t  affect you at all. Because  you are free from diabetes by taking (DIABETWATCH)

My experience as health and wellness consultant, being a diabetes survivor gave me wealth of experience of what I’m sharing with you.

So, How Much Will it Cost You to 
Get This DIABETWATCH Therapy?

Before I tell you how much it will cost you to get this supplement, I want to ask you a question and you should think well before answering it.

If you have the chance to meet any of the people who have lost their legs, sight and marriage to uncontrol diabetes,

How much do you think they will be willing to spend to regain what they lost to diabetes?

Think about it

What is money compareed to the peace that will be restored to your body?

When you compare what you are paying to how much you will pay for a surgery worth millions of Naira, you will realise that the cost of these supplements is highly low.

'Good health is better than money'

 (If you Order Now)


Before you proceed to order.

We have consulted for over 2270+ people online and we carefully select these perfect recommendations.

=> If you have been diagnosed with being diabetic for 1-2 years or less, you should go for the 1 Month pack. It will reverse the sugar level and jumpstart the pancreas. And you are FREE from being a Diabetic Forever.

=> What if its 3-5 Years? You should definitely go for the 2 months pack because it contains additional powerhouse supplement that will cure you in 2 Months. The Glutathione 700G is very potent with natural herbs.

=> If you have been treating Diabetes for 7 years up to 15 years. please, we recommend the Full Combo Pack of 3 Months. In 90 days of consistent usage of these carefully selected products. You are going to be FREE from Crazy Sugar Level that refuses to go.

Be rest assure that you are buying a SOLUTION, not products that you use to buy. This is very different.

What if its almost 20 years you've been diabetic? We recommend you give us a call first on 08080544815

Read About The Added Supplemts Below; The L-Gluta 700G and PREMIUM COLLAGEN

NB: Pay on delivery only applying to our regular 1 Month pack. If you are ordering for the 2 months or 3 months pack, you have to Pay To Our Company Account Before we Process Your ORDER> =  <Delivery takes 1-2 days>

If you have been treating diabetes for 5 years, we strongly recommend the 2 months combo pack.

The Full Combo Pack is For Someone who has been diabetic for almost 7 years - 10 Years

The One Month Pack is for Newly Diagnose of Diabetes...

See Details Blow;

  3. FREE Nigeria Food Plan for Diabetics
     Is Not =N=45,000 For Now




=N=29,000 NOW



Here Is How To Order For The  DIABETWATCH 
And Get It Delivered To Your Doorstep

We can deliver this DIABETWATCH to your door step in any major town or city in Nigeria.

I challenge you to do what I did: try it for yourself! Conduct your own study and see the incredible results for yourself.You won’t believe your new BLOOD SUGAR reading!



Worth #7,000
This book will teach you; How to Eat, When To Eat And What To Eat.
You will get the printed copy Plus Prescriptions On How to Administer the recommended supplements.

We Accept
 Cash on Delivery


We know that the internet is full of dubious people and nobody wants to be scammed.

So, we are going to put all the risk on ourselves so that you won't have an excuse for not getting this therapy.

We will send the products to your house or office and you can pay our courier people only after you have received the product.

This is to eradicate any doubt in your mind that you will get what you are promised.

                        ORDER  NOW


If You ORDER the 3 Months Pack. We are giving you this beaute special pack.

This 2 Wonderful combination is good for people with fairer skin and all skin type... If you are Dark in complexion you can use it. It will only make your Glow dark not fair. It brings out your real color out.

Do you know your REAL color is located on your LAP? Look at it now. That's what your whole body should look like. This Products is very durable and can Last you for 2 Months if you don't soak it in WATER.

TIPS: Slice the SKN SOAP to 5 pieces and return it back to the pack. Use each slice Day and Night.
The SKIN Cream is very thick and we discovered the best way to use it is by adding few drops of water on your palm and Add little with the Water then massage it on your Body and Face Gently. With these Tips, you tend to use this Two Bonus Products for 55 Days.

This Products Cost #16,000. But you will get it for FREE.
If you are Ordering the 3 Months PACK.
This FREE Gift is Limited, but i want to make sure that anyone who is doing This Diabetwatch Program are looking kinky too.

P.S This Particular SKN kits is good for Man and Woman and it has NO Side effect. If you have your cream that you are using already. We advise you to use the cream on your FACE and Neck and Don't forget your ears too...


Simply Text:     DIABETWATCH

                      Your Full Name

                      Phone Numbers

                      Address (House No., Street Etc)

                      City/Town/Local Gvt




You Have Nothing To Loose

You Are Covered with Our 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If it doesn't work for you as we claim, just contact us and we will proccess your refund immediately.



Once we receive your details, one of our agents will call you to confirm your order and we will send your package immediately.

You will receive the package within 1-3 business days... and pay the delivery person only when you have the products in your hands.

It’s Time to Kick DIABETES Out of Your Life

You can walk away from this and continue to spend money every month on drugs and injections that will eventually fail just like they do.

We know you are afraid - You are probably thinking -"What if this does not work?"

But the right question you should be asking is:

"What if these supplements work to help you
To End DIABETES and bring peace to
your body once again?"

And we know it will because it has worked for other people.

There is no risk involved. No side effects.

It brings joy to our faces too when we receive the testimonies from people who have used this natural therapy to become healthy again when they have lost all hope.

We want to receive your own testimony as well very soon.

But I must warn you:

You will get worse if you don’t take action today. Your blood sugar will continue to skyrocket and no amount of medication will save you.

Your weight will spiral out of control and you’ll be a massive burden on your family who will come to resent you for wasting so much of their time with never-ending complaining, doctor visits, and a myriad of expensive pills.

You will be dependent on temporary fixes like injecting insulin needles into your body every day…you won’t be able to enjoy the delicious foods this world has to offer…you’ll constantly feel terrible about yourself because you’re overweight, lethargic, and have little hope of a better future.

You will be so unhappy and crabby that no one will want to be around you and you’ll spend the bulk of your days all by yourself. Alone…to sulk in your misery…constantly worrying about when your time on this planet will be up.

Is that what you want?

Do you?

If not, then grabbing the DIABETWATCH PACK is not just the best solution right now…

It’s the ONLY solution!

Time is NOT on your side anymore. Now is the time for action.

So go ahead and make the only smart choice you can make by SENDING YOUR NAME AND DELIVERY ADDRESS TO 08080544815  now so that you can instantly GET DiabetWATCH in your hand and improve your future…starting today!

And just before you do so, let me remind you!   Royale C we are offering for freeAlso Revitalize your body and improve your immune system.

So, I’d like you to have Nigeria meal plan as a FREE GIFT to you for taking action today and grabbing the DIABETWATCH Pack.      

                   For just



Thursday, October 24th, 2019

If you are ordering the 2 months or 3 Months Pack Please Fill The Form Then Make Payment or Fill the form and we will send you Account Details for Confirmation.

2 Months Pack Is #67,000
3 Months Pack is #109,500

Account Details

Account Name: Paul Oluwatobi
Account Number: 2080285991


Our Office Address;
80, Okunola Road, Egbeda Lagos Nigeria
23, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja Lagos

Call/Whatsapp: 0808-054-4815

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - For How Long Do I Have To Use The Supplements?

You don't have to keep buying these supplements week after week and month after month.

From our experience, the full 30 days' supply is usually enough and most people begin to get amazing health reliefs within a few days of using these supplements.

Q - Do These Supplements Have Any Side Effects?

These supplements are made from pure natural extracts and they do not have any side effects whatsoever.

It comes with well stated prescription to achieve desire result in shortest time

Q - But Why Are The Products So Expensive?

First, these products are made to from real extracts of proven medicinal herbs and plants.

Secondly, these supplements are not made in Nigeria.

They are made in the ASIAN AND APPROVED BY NAFDAC and shipped to Nigeria.

Finally, the dollar to Naira exchange rate which is unusually high at the moment is another issue that we can do nothing about.

But really, when you compare what you are paying here to how much you will pay later on if you delay attending to your body now...OR what other people that are selling ineffective ones for outrageous amount

Or compare getting a  surgery worth millions of dollars, you will realize that the cost of these supplements is on the lower side.

Q - Do I Have To Stop Using My Drugs Before I Start Using These Supplements?

No. You do not have to stop using your main drugs.

We usually advise our clients to use the supplements along with their normal drugs for the first 5 day and we will now review the response after 10 days of using it ,so that the body sugar level don't get too low.

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will call you to confirm your order and we will dispatch your package immediately.

You will receive the package within 1-3 business days...and pay the delivery person only when you have the products in your hands.

And by the time you lay your hands on these supplements, we believe you will want to tell as many people as possible about them.

In case you have some questions at the back of your mind that you need answers to, feel free to call any of our help lines.

You can call,Text or Whatsapp 0808-054-4815 

Place your order now while this is still on your mind.

           Limited Offer Available.

P.S: Because of the great customer demand for our products, you may have to call two or three times before getting through on the phone.

Don't stop trying. It is more than worth it.

Thank you and God Bless

To Your Wellness
Health Educator & Researcher,

80, Okunola Road Egbeda Lagos.


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