Maximum Kongy Power Pack


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A unique formula of natural remedy that promotes overall wellbeing in men, increases energy level and stamina, enhances erection, improves the sustainability of erection, and prevents premature ejaculation.
It is safe in diabetic and hypertensives. it is effective both for restorative long-term benefits as it is packed with antioxidants. It is also effective in immediate use as it improves and increases blood flow to the penis, and so ensure quick and sustained erection.
It has a mood-stabilizing effect and so fights depression, which is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.
It has also been found to be beneficial to the prostrate as talking one capsule daily keeps benign prostate hyperplasia at bay.
This product is a well tested and trusted product formulated by a group of Pharmacists from Healthy Child Pharmaceutical.
It is manufactured under cGMP( continuous Good Manufacturing Practice)
The product is approved by NAFDAC and recommended by Pharmacists and Pharmacognosists alike.
It is very safe as all ingredients are 100% of nature’s gift.


It has been enhanced with mai sasancci herbal products. You are guaranteed from having the most user experience ever.